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Which is the right vehicle for you?

The answer to this question is that there is no wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) that will tick all of the boxes on a list of desirable features that you draw up.

In the end it is a question of compromise, having taken account of the priorities in your particular case and having regard to some key points, which we will point out.

We would recommend that you study our Glossary of the commonly used terms relating to wheelchair accessible, as this will give you a framework of reference.

First most important point is to establish whether the WAV's that you consider buying, will comfortably accommodate your wheelchair (or scooter). For this purpose you will need to take the measurements listed below.

a) The overall length of the wheelchair remembering to take the measurement from the furthest point at the back (probably the handles) to the furthest forward point (the footplates);

b) The wheelchair width;

c) The height from the floor to the top of the wheelchair occupant’s head.   (Allow a further two inches for clearance at the top).

We give these dimensions on the pages giving the specification of each of our vehicles.

Photograph of a wheelchair, showing its dimensions required to chekc the suitability of a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

For most wheelchairs the width and length is not a problem. However different conversions of the same  make and model of vehicle may have different internal heights. The specification details for each vehicle  shown on this website, clearly show the internal headroom of each vehicle, so that you can ensure that it is suitable for your wheelchair. Don't forget to allow for a little clearance of two inches. Generally most vehicles will take a chair width of up to 29ins. Please consult us for advice if your wheelchair is wider than this.

There are a number of factors to consider apart from how well the wheelchair is accommodated. For instance, the number of passengers apart from the driver whom you would normally expect to travel in the vehicle. Bearing in mind that the longer the journey, the more the limited space in a smaller WAV might become uncomfortable for anyone sitting in one of the back seats, which are usually narrower than the front seats, due to the lowered floor and have less leg room.

If you intend to carry bags or luggage and more than two passengers plus the driver and wheelchair occupant and go on extended journeys, you will be better served  buying a medium sized vehicle.

If you need headroom above 58 -  60 inches, you will need a medium sized WAV with a high roof or a Renault Master or similar sized vehicle larger vehicle.

If you have a garage or driveway, you will need to consider the overall width of the vehicle and also possibly the length. We supply these dimensions for each vehicle.

The wheelchair occupants may wish to observe the passing scenery and therefore their ability to see out of the side windows or through the windscreen is another important factor. Measuring their eye level from the floor and relating this to the windows of a prospective purchase will give one an idea of whether they will be able to see much or not.


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